• Water Lilly - Nympaea 'Almost Black'

Your water lily is supplied in leaf in an aquatic pot filled with clay and topped with gravel.

Take note of the correct depth that your water lily should grow.

Your plant should not be placed at the correct depth immediately, but moved down over a course of a few weeks.  If you move it down too soon the existing leaves may rot.

For a profusion of bloom and leaves push a few lily fertilise tabs into the pot under the gravel topping.

As old leaves and flowers die off remove them regularly to prevent them rotting in the water.  

Planting: Plant in still water away from splashing fountains.  Lower gradually so the leaves can stretch to the surface within a few days.

Flowering: June to September

Eventual Height:  30-80cm

Eventual Spread: 70-90cm

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Water Lilly - Nympaea 'Almost Black'

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