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Broadstairs, Kent

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Cut Christmas Trees


Nordman Fir - Most popular variety of Christmas Tree with the best Needle Retention-when kept in the right conditions will last at least 4 weeks and over.


Special Purchase -  (while stocks last)

160cm (5ft) to 200cm (6.6ft) £19.99 and £26.99


Standard Grade - next grade down from premium still bushy

180cm (6ft) to 210cm (7ft)  from £32.99   to £36.99

210cm (7ft) to 240cm (8ft)  from £39.99   to £46.99 

240cm (8ft) to 270cm (9ft) from  £49.99   to £55.99


Premium Grade - best grade of tree bushy & even shape

100cm (3.5ft) from £15.99  to  210cm (6.8ft) £39.99 

210cm (6.6ft)     from     £42.99 to  300cm  (9ft)   £116.00


Fraser Fir -  Good Shape, more slender Tree, ideal for the smaller room and tighter spaces. Good needle retention 

150cm (5ft)   to 180cm(6ft)      from £37.99  to  £42.99

180cm (6ft)  to  210cm(6.8ft)  from £45.99 to  £49.99


NORWAY SPRUCE - Picea Abies the more traditional Christmas tree, with not such good needle retention, but if kept cool and well watered can still last for 3 to 4 weeks. This is the ideal tree for cold rooms, conservatories, porches and outside.

120cm (4ft) to 150cm    (4.9ft)       from £15.99

160cm (5ft) to 180cm    (6ft)          from £23.99

180cm(6ft) to 210cm      (6.8ft)      from £29.99

210cm (6.8ft) to 240cm  (7.8ft)     from £37.99

240cm (7.8ft) to 270cm  (8.8ft)      from £44.99

270cm (8.8ft) to 300cm  (9.8ft)      from £79.99

300cm (9.8ft) to 330cm(11ft)   from £110.00