The History of Young's Nurseries - About Us

We are an independent family business which has been running since the 1930’s.  We have over 3 acres of greenhouses where we grow the majority of our own plants. We now have a Garden Centre at our nursery at Sacketts Hill, Broadstairs and a shop in Deal.

We pride ourselves in giving you the customer service you deserve and offer a wealth of knowledge. We are always happy to give advice.

My father first established the nursery at Cliffsend in the early 1930's, principally to supply the grocers shop that my mother and father already owned. The business thrived in the pre war years and the nursery became an important part of the business. During the war production was turned over to mainly tomatoes and other salad crops. When peacetime eventually returned, production turned towards cut flowers for the London markets and then during the spring time we started production pack bedding in our own time manufacturing wooden boxes, this was sold to the first of the new garden centres which were beginning to appear around London. Over these years trade grew under the helm of my mother and father, then first my sister helped in the family business, and then in later years as my sister started to become less active in the business, I also learnt the secrets of growing for my parents. Tragically my father passed away in the late 80's but the business continued on, supplying by now, mainly bedding plants to local customers. As the years passed and competition grew more intense, with the dominance of the DIY superstores, so production has had to increase with a gradual shift away from just bedding to supplying a vast range of plants and shrubs, including now many now many imports across Europe.

In the early years of the 21st Century, the business eventually outgrew the site at Cliffsend and moved up to the larger nursery at Sacketts Hill, which was eventually purchased, along with a further 10 acres of land in 2007.  Over the years the amount of contract work has steadily increased and with the outsourcing of Thanet Councils growing, we have managed the contracts for all the Hanging Baskets in the Thanet area for the last few years, and continue to supply and maintain an array of Planters, Troughs, Palm Trees etc. across the island. Christmas however is very different to the old days, as with the extra space we have been able to capitalise on out customers base and are now a medium Christmas tree wholesaler as well! 

The last major change in recent years has been the development of the Nursery site in to a full time Garden Centre / working Nursery, whilst retaining our Deal branch. 

We are currently working on opening a coffee shop and larger houseplant house at Sackets Hill.  Watch this space...   

If you would like any further information or to arrange a visit to the nursery, Please call

Jackie Young on 01843 864690 or 07973 510369.


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