Jackie's Tips


·       Now is the time to plan and plant your spring bulbs – Daffodils first in September and October, followed with the tulips in November.


·       Some of the plants that can be planted in October are Winter Pansies, Violas, Bellis Daisy, Wallflowers, primrose, and polyanthus.


·       Prune up rambling roses once they have finished flowering and tie them back before autumn weather causes damages.


·       Collect and save any seeds from plants you love and want in your garden next year. Dry them and store them in paper in a safe place – do not forget to label each bag remembering each plant.


·       Remove any netting from fruit cages to allow birds to eat any insects crawling amongst them.


·       Make sure all diseased fruits are disposed of, so they do not infect next year’s crops.


·       Before the frosts bite bring tender plants under glass. Hard-hardy plants, chilli plants, citrus fruits, olive tree, tender herbs, and any tender exotics.


·       Harvesting cabbages, leave the root in the ground making a cut across the stem to encourage a flush of smaller leaves.


·       If you are planning to grow beans and peas next year, prepare the site by digging up trenches and filling with manure or kitchen waste.


·       Plant winter onion sets, shallots, garlic in a sunny well drain spot, for a good harvest next year. An ideal variety of broad beans for this time of year are Aquadulce Claudia.


·       Any unripe tomatoes and peppers that have fallen can ripen indoors on a paper bag together with a banana or an apple!


·       Harvest pumpkins and squashes before the frosts and make sure your pumpkins ready in time for Halloween.


·       Wrap grease bands around apple, cherry, pear, and plum trees to trap the crawling female winter moth.


·       Put any reused compost from pots on display as a mulch on your garden.


·       October is the best time to plant hedges, edible hedging, and move trees or shrubs.


·       Make a leaf mould bin or compost heap by gathering all fallen autumn leaves from the lawn, paths, and borders.


·       Perfect time to tidy up the garden at the beginning of autumn. Cut down perennials to 5cm above the ground, but do not make them too tidy as attractive seed heads are inviting to insects.


·       Clear and tidy all borders, lay bark chips or well-rotted manure to isolate plant roots through the winter and keep weed growth in check.


·       Keep weeding through autumn – dig up any remaining weeds as they are surprisingly hardy and remain over winter. Best removed now before the get a spring burst of life.


·       A last lawn mowing can be mane this month before leaving your lawn through the winter.


·       Remove any fallen leaves regularly on the lawn to allow light on the grass.


·       Start your bonfire with pruning’s and fallen twigs and keep them dry by covering them with a plastic sheet for burning on the 5 November. (Remember to keep checking for hedgehogs before lighting the bonfire)


·       Place hedgehog houses in place if not already out.


·       Remember to regular clean and refill your bird baths and clear out any bird boxes ready for next year.


·       Drain water butts and clean out ready for winter rains to refill them.


·       Your green house should be empty now, so it’s a good time to give it a clean and prevent it from diseases and pest over the winter.


·       As the weather starts to change clean down and cover up all garden furniture.